Monday, October 14, 2002

have it your way - after two years of trying, berkeley school officials have thrown in the towel in their attempts to indoctrinate students on the merits of organic tofu, alfalfa sprouts and vegan hot dogs. berkeley high school's school lunch program, which featured healthy, locally-grown alternatives to standard fast food fare, failed to draw enough students to the lunch room table, and school board members are struggling to understand what went wrong. the children of berkeley high school may be the offspring of organically-grown leftists, but they still want their burgers, greasy fries and soda.

this is just yet another example of arrogant, socialist stupidity from the people's republic of berkeley. i just love to read the PC crowd's sorry excuses for this and that, but i never expect to hear the right answer. for gosh sakes, they're just kids! here's my favorite PC mantra in this article: "it takes 11 exposures to a food before a child embraces it." uh huh...stir-fried organic tofu for twelve straight days will have them hooked for sure!


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