Sunday, October 09, 2005

Sleepless in Alameda

A number of readers have noticed my recent lack of political and social commentary. This is certainly true, and I appreciate your concerns.

While there is an abundance of topics to write about, I've just been too swamped by events at home to put together a coherent piece. Both Russell and Punky's sleeping patterns have been changing, to the detriment of my own sleep. They have also become more needy as they've gotten older. This usually means I am playing with them as soon as I get home from work. Keeping two boys occupied is not a trivial task. On weekends, I usually have to take care of them all day (without Jenny on days where she gets personal things done, like her hair). This weekend, I took the boys down to San Jose to visit their Grandma and cousin while Jenny hosted a baby shower (see pix below).

By the time I've finished putting the boys to bed, washing the dishes, cleaning the kitchen and paying the bills, it is usually past 11PM and I am dead tired. These past few weeks, I've been vegging out in front of the television for about 30-40 minutes per night in order to just relax. Sure, I could use the extra few minutes to sleep, but I feel that decompressing from a long day is also necessary.

I plan on resuming my rants as soon as I am able to catch up with my sleep. So keep stopping by for updates. You won't be disappointed.

The three Sui boys at Grandma's San Jose home Posted by Picasa

Punky looks up at the massive projection screen TV Posted by Picasa

Russell and Cousin Andrew hold hands at a scary point in the Teletubbies video Posted by Picasa


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