Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Sacramento Trip Report, State Fair Edition

Once again, we headed up to Sacramento to visit the California State Fair over Labor Day weekend. This time, we added the California State Railroad Museum to our schedule. It wasn't as hot this weekend as it was in August, but we still avoided the heat by staying in the hotel room during the hottest part of the day. We spent two evenings at the Fair, viewing mostly the livestock areas but occasionally going on a ride or arts display.

During our visit, I discovered that the Fair and Railroad Museum have something in common other than being in Sacramento. It turns out that both of them had then-Gov. Ronald Reagan as a patron. In 1968, Reagan opened the fair at its permanent home, the Calfornia Exposition Center. Two years later, he spearheaded the initiative to build the museum on the historic site of Old Sacramento.

Our view of the California State Fair from the monorail Posted by Picasa

Then-Governor of California Ronald Reagan established the Cal Expo Center at Sacramento as the permanent home of the Annual State Fair Posted by Picasa

Once again, the Brewster Boys stopped by the Placer County farm display Posted by Picasa

This food stand sold the infamous deep-fried Krispy Kreme chicken sandwich Posted by Picasa

"Red Dresses", a prize-winning quilt on display at the Arts & Crafts pavillion Posted by Picasa

"Birds of California", another prize-winning quilt Posted by Picasa

Holding their State Fair souvenirs, the Brewster Boys get ready to sleep after the first night at the State Fair Posted by Picasa

Russell also takes a closer look at the award-winning turkey Posted by Picasa

Punky to turkey: "Gobble, gobble" Posted by Picasa

One of the Brewster Brothers' duck friends Posted by Picasa

An award-winning rooster at the Cal State Fair Posted by Picasa

Inside the chick nursery Posted by Picasa

The llamas were a friendly bunch Posted by Picasa

The longhorn cattle were at the Fair that weekend Posted by Picasa

Punky and Russell try out some scooters Posted by Picasa

Russell and Punky check out the whirlpool tub display Posted by Picasa

The opening of the Mane Event, the nightly horse show at the State Fair Posted by Picasa


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