Thursday, October 17, 2002

bush was right - chalk up another bullseye for george w. bush on north korea. when president george w. bush declared north korea part of the ‘axis of evil’ in a speech to congress last year, he was roundly condemned by critics on the political left. With north korea’s stunning admission of the existence of a clandestine nuclear weapons program—in clear violation of the 1994 clinton-negotiated ‘agreed framework’ treaty—these same critics now sit with egg on their faces as they currently denounce bush’s policy towards iraq. I seem to remember the new york times ridiculing bush when he referred to north korea as part of the 'axis of evil'. Wrong again, huh?

three main points here for disucssion:

point one - this violated no-nukes deal was brokered in 1994 by none other than the 2002 nobel peace prize winner, former president jimmy carter. Most of the news stories that heaped praise on carter last weekend singled out this north korea deal as one of the highlights of his post-presidency peace mission. Less than a week later, we find out that pyongyang has been stringing us along the whole time, violating the agreement. Can the nobel committee take back the prize?

point two -what remains of the rotting and corrupt clinton legacy continues to decompose. Clinton and his secretary of state madeline albright must be stunned that the north koreans lied to them and violated the treaty. the disgraced former president, albright and other appeasers held up this accord with north korea as a shining example of their "third way" diplomacy. Clinton later even regretted not visiting pyongyang at the end of his second term. What absolute fools.

point three - the apparent collapse of the treaty—north korea has informed us officials that it has ‘nullified’ the agreement—provides a perfect example once again of the incredible wisdom of ronald reagan - 'trust, but verify.'


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