Friday, January 14, 2005

One Reason Why We Moved Out of Oakland

I mentioned only a few posts ago that we moved to Alameda in part because of the miserable public school system in Oakland. So I wasn't surprised to read that current Oakland School Board member Dan Siegel was arrested this week for marijuana possession at the Oakland International Airport as he attempted to board a plane.

"Yes, I use marijuana occasionally for stress,'' Siegel said Wednesday, a day after he was caught with the marijuana. "It's just a part of life." He said he does not have a prescription for medicinal marijuana.

Siegel, a former school district attorney who is expected to run for Oakland mayor in 2006, was cited Tuesday night after Transportation Security Administration officials found less than ounce of the drug in a piece of his checked baggage, Oakland police Sgt. Larry Krupp said.

Keeping in mind that this miserable piece of shit is not only in charge of the Oakland public schools, but could also be the future mayor of Oakland, I am relieved that we moved out of Oakland before handing over my children to this dirtbag's school system. With people like Dan Siegel in charge, is it any wonder why the Oakland public school system recently went bankrupt and was placed under state control for failure to meet minimum state testing standards for 4 consecutive years?


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