Friday, May 06, 2005

Oddly Enough

I once read of a American woman who upon suffering from a stroke, began speaking with a strong British accent--a condition known as Foreign Accent Syndrome. Upon Googling this term, I've found numerous cases of this phenomenon occuring around the world.

My father now tells me that since his operation last month to remove the cancerous tumor in his lung, he has no desire to eat Chinese food but instead craves American food, and fast food in particular. Recently, he has developed a craving for Kentucky Fried Chicken, pizza and Arby's Roast Beef sandwiches. This leaves my mother in the lurch because not only does my mother not eat fast food, she has to drive my father around to satisfy his fast food itch.

Although he knows fast food is not particularly healthy, my father is not concerned about the high fat and salt consumption. He's just happy that he's around to enjoy these foods. If this turns out to be the most significant side effect of his cancer surgery, than God must have a wicked sense of humor.


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