Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Exhausted (Again)

The combination of taking care of the kids and work is killing me. Due mostly to my kids' strange sleeping habits and babysitting duties, I am only getting 4 hours of sleep each night. In addition to refusing to go to bed by 9PM, Russell has been getting up regularly between 3AM and 5AM. More often than not, he goes back to sleep after I lie down with him in his bed. Punky wants to sleep with at least one of us too, so most nights he wakes up and cries until he gets placed into our bed.

In the mornings, I am usually taking care of the kids from 6:30AM to roughly 8AM, when I leave for work. When I get home from work at around 7PM, I am immediately thrust into babysitter role as Jenny winds down and relaxes/sleeps in front of the TV until 11PM. This means another 4 hours of entertaining, watching, cleaning, toilet training and getting the kids ready for bed. By the time Punky drifts off to sleep between 10-11PM each night, I have been at work continuously for at least 16 hours. And then it is time for me to clean the kitchen and do the dishes, in addition to straightening up the house.

My only downtime is after cleaning the house, usually around 11:30PM, when I brush my teeth and take a hot bath to relieve my back pain. I also check e-mails, pay bills, and read the news (or a few pages of a book) around this time as well. Sometimes, I will watch 30 minutes or so of ESPN or FOX Sports. By this time, it is usually between Midnight and 12:30AM.

That's the routine, every Monday through Friday. On weekends, all I do is take care of the kids along with a single trip to buy groceries. So if you have been wondering why my blogging has been so light as of late, this will give you an idea as to why I am missing in action.


At 5:10 PM, Blogger Felice Luftschein said...

My wife wants to know if you have heard of coffee.
Seriously we are right there with you. The baby is teething and wakes every hour, all night. Our 3yr old wakes at least once a night (usually in the throes of some surreal dream) and crawls into bed with us (which involves kicking me in the back, often.)

When you try and get sympathy from people they usually trot out all their (tired old) solutions, but we've tried them all.

So dude, we're right there with you.

At 12:36 PM, Blogger Da Man said...

I see from your blog that your children are the same age, roughly, as mine. Hopefully, they are better behaved! They appear to be quite active.


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