Tuesday, December 11, 2007

San Diego Trip Report, Day 3 (Legoland)

At the Legoland main gate

A Christmas tree made from Legos

Russell and Punky admire a family made from Legos

Russell looks back while Mom drives the boat

Punky aims the Lego water cannon

The Capital building

Punky in front of the Luxor

Punky with Grandma in Times Square

Russell inside a shark

Punky also inside the shark

On our 3rd day in San Diego, we headed up the coast for our first-ever visit to Legoland. I like Legoland. It's a well-executed theme with plenty to do for 2-8 year-olds. For example, it was the first time that our whole family got on a roller coaster together. We also tried out a log flume and a couple of boat and car-based touring-type rides. Russell loved the "thrill" rides while Punky got quite bent out of shape, particularly on the roller coaster. A word of caution though: these are scaled-down rides. Definitely not Six Flags or Great America-type rides. But I found them to be just perfect for my aging body.

After a couple of hours of rides (we arrived at 9AM), we took a tour of the Legoland's "Miniland". The best parts were the Las Vegas and New York City mock-ups. Washington DC and San Francisco were pretty good, too. We left Legoland after spending around 3.5 hours in park. That seems to be Russell and Punky's time limit as I've observed over the years.


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