Tuesday, March 19, 2002

Poor Little Rich Girl - Among the cultural elite, there is an attitude out there that you are somehow entitled to a high-paying job if you went to certain universities. Wrong! In today's market, having an Ivy League degree doesn't guarantee you job on Wall Street or Madison Avenue. An undergraduate degree in the liberal arts from Harvard or Yale today is worth about the same as a high-school degree in 1964, probably less. Four years of drivel courses, easy grades, lousy faculties and lower admission standards have "dumbed down" Harvard and Yale degrees.

To Shawna: Go back to school and get a worthwhile degree in subjects like engineering or computer science. Don't go back to Yale as the very thought of it might scare some employers. Take one of those jobs you are belittling. You just might learn something of value.

School Daze - Imagine the outcry if we heard that black or Hispanic students had to meet higher standards for admission than white students into elite public schools. Now imagine that you are an Asian parent living in San Francisco. Guess what? Your children have higher standards for admission into the city's schools than students of any other race! The dirty little secret of public education in San Francisco is that the liberal-dominated school boards have been trying to suppress Asian enrollment at the city's best public schools for years.

Although racial and ethnic quotas were prohibited under a 1999 Federal court decision, the school boards have been trying to find other ways to break the Asian dominance of the elite public schools. Now the city is experimenting with a "diversity index"-based system that is race-neutral. "For the first time, school district officials are using a 'diversity index' that doesn't directly include race or ethnicity to decide who will attend the coveted schools, and who gets assigned to more troubled campuses". Again, imagine that you are now a parent whose child has been assigned to one of the "troubled campuses". I have news for you fellas--it's not going to work.


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