Sunday, April 28, 2002

The Baby Shower - The weekend's events were dominated by Jenny's baby shower. Jenny has been anxiously awaiting this day for weeks --only our wedding day was more important to her. We registered for more gifts than I think we really need, since all of my sisters and many of Jenny's friends have offered to provide us with enough hand-me-downs to take care of the Brady Bunch. I've tried not to complain too much as our house slowly fills up with more baby things than our closets and dressers can hold. I'll start complaining when Jenny asks me to buy a bigger house to hold all of the stuff that we've been accumulating.

On Friday night, we picked up Jenny's friend Karen from the airport. Karen came down from Seattle to co-host the baby shower along with friends Sharone and Alina. We had a late dinner in San Francisco at La Gondola, a very good Italian ristorante in the North Beach section of the city. I was in a carnivorous mood, so I had meat for both the Primo Piatto (Meat Tortellini) and Secondo (Lamb Chops). Finally, we all shared an amazing creamy yogurt-like cheese dessert that was awesome. This was probably the best meal I've had all year, so it rates three and half stars on my scale.

The baby shower was a smashing success and we have mostly Sharone to thank, since the event was held at her house. There were over twenty people in attendance, including Freddie (my second cameraman), Mera, Soli, two Wendys, two Karens and three Jennys. The shower gave me a great opportunity to practice using my new video camera. I caught virtually every person and event on tape. Only a few people were annoyed by the camera's presence, especially when I was zooming in on them as they were all on the floor doing yoga. Jenny was wearing her pink punjabi, which she thought made her look like a big pink balloon from the side. I'll have to check the tape before coming to that conclusion. I plan on putting together a 10-minute piece on the baby shower once I buy a new computer.

I spent most of the day unwinding from the shower by cleaning the house from top to bottom. Jenny spent most of the day admiring the baby clothes that we received as gifts the day before. It's sad that the weekend's over.


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