Monday, April 22, 2002

Kumbaya Watch II (Courtesy of Opinion - The Athens (Ga.) Banner-Herald profiles one Richard Simmons:

Prior to his panhandling days, Simmons said, he served in Vietnam and spent many years in Germany before moving back to the states. He ended up at the Atlanta Union Mission in 1997, he said, because he was unable to find work. From there he spent nine months in The Potter's House, a Christian-based addiction recovery program in Jackson County. Simmons said he has no family and when he left The Potter's House, finding a job in Athens was difficult.

"I'm a veteran. I served my country, why can't they serve me?," Simmons said on a cold February night on the square. "When I came out they didn't give me a chance to do anything because they figured I was too old to do anything. The older you get around here, the less job chances you get. Try to get a job at 42."

Apparently it never occurs to the geniuses who run the Athens Banner-Herald that if Simmons is 42, he would have been 13 in 1973, when America withdrew from Vietnam.


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