Saturday, April 06, 2002

Job Hunt Update - I have good news for those of you following my job hunt saga. My interview for a position within another division at Wells Fargo went well, and I expect to receive an offer from the hiring manager soon. What made this interview different from others--especially from Williams-Sonoma--is that the tone of the questioning was not confrontational, but based on determining if there was an appropriate personality fit. Of course, I think that had much to do with the fact that the hiring manager was both a Cornell graduate and an Asian-American. In the past, interviewers at various companies would spend most of their time trying to shoot me down. At Salomon Brothers for example, I got my first job primarily because I was able to prove the Weak and Strong Theorems of Duality to one of my interviewer-antagonists. Luckily for me, I had just taken a test in my Linear Programming course a week earlier on this very subject. Weird, huh?


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