Monday, April 15, 2002

Flamenco, Dragon Boats and Taxes – Knowing our free weekends are numbered, Jenny and I have been padding our weekends with as many activities and odd jobs as possible. The weekend began on Friday night with dinner and a flamenco show. Dinner was at a Spanish restaurant in the Mission District called Esperpento. We had seafood paella and a variety of tapas—I’ll give the meal only two stars because Jenny was disappointed with the jamon, the Spanish smoked ham that we first discovered on our honeymoon in Spain.

The real highlight of the evening was hanging out with Fred and Tom, two San Francisco firemen. These guys are absolutely hilarious. Just imagine someone like Yogi Berra, only taller and with better table manners. Both of them have a million interesting stories to tell, and they seem to have an opinion on everything. If Jenny lets me, I’m going to take the fire fighters exam the next time San Francisco offers it. I’d love to hang around with these guys all day. Oh, the flamenco show was just OK.

I spent nearly the whole day Saturday managing the scoreboard at the dragon boat races on Saturday. The weather at Lake Merced was gorgeous—perfect for dragon boating. All the teams were from local area high schools. I enjoyed hanging out with the adults who ran the races and with the young dragon boaters, most of whom where Chinese-American. Justin showed up and I introduced him to the Washington High School team. He seemed to be in awe of the kids on the team. As usual, I forgot to put on sunscreen—I ended up well done by the end of the day.

It wouldn’t be a weekend unless I accomplished something constructive, so naturally I spent most of Sunday working on the lawn and finishing off our taxes. Jenny has been working on the dining room chair covers these past two weekends and she’s only finished one during that whole period! We still have two months to go before the baby arrives, with more work on the baby’s room and the dining room left to do. But time seems to be moving faster than we had anticipated.


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