Monday, October 21, 2002

home alone - i'm getting used to the house dad thing. everything breaks down into 3 hour cycles. here's the routine:

russell drinks milk once every three hours. this process of feeding, burping and coaxing him to drink all of his milk takes around 45 minutes each cycle. afterwards, i change his diaper which usually doesn't take too long unless he poops. for exercise, i put him in his 'saucer' for around 30 minutes and play this chinese children's cd that jenny hates. next, i hold him for another 30 minutes for some baby talk and vocabulary lessons--i'm his english instructor. then, i put him in bed or on the couch to do some flipping around and pre-crawling for another 30 minutes. finally, he takes a 45 minute nap before his next feeding. believe me, it's not as easy as it sounds.

russell is now 4 months old. here are the latest pictures of russell in his 'superboy' phase. check out the action shots of him flipping over.


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