Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Another Big Day Today

After some hesitation, my father will undergo lung surgery once again. This time, the surgeon will remove the lower lobe of his right lung along with some lymph nodes for testing. Unlike his first operation, this one will involve more cutting along my father's chest, so it's more risky and healing will take longer.

I say "some hesitation" because my father had entertained the thought of not having surgery at all because of the risks involved with the more invasive procedure. Lung cancer is a relatively slow-growing process, and he thought that he might live another 5 years or so even if he had the disease beyond the initial tumor. Our family convinced him to undergo the follow-up surgery because his health is still excellent, and we want him around for at least another 10 years (he's 80 years old now).

Once again, I ask you for your prayers to get my father through this latest crisis. Thank you very much.


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