Friday, May 20, 2005

Recovering at Home

Once again I am sick and trying to recover at home. This time, Punky caught a cold and gave it to me. We need to get better because this weekend we're going to the Oakland Zoo. It seems that whenever it rains here, someone gets sick. Hopefully, the summer will bring milder and drier weather. Blogging will be light until I get better.

UPDATE (11:55PM) - I didn't get as much sleep today as I had hoped. Since I was home, Jenny decided to use me as a babysitter and leave me with Punky while she went out and got her legs waxed and a massage to boot. Punky slept well in the morning, but that meant that he was up most of the afternoon. Not good, because I was hacking most of the time I was up with him, and I might have passed on some germs to the Punkster. Now Punky is coughing as he is trying to sleep.

Luckily, Russell seems unaffected by this latest outbreak. Today, he seemed happy to see the pictures of our trip to the park last week, which you may view here. He grabbed the photo of him standing in front of the train along with another of himself onboard the train, and held on to them for a few hours. We'll be going to another amusement park this weekend (assuming that we're not too sick) and I'll post some more photos along with a review of the Oakland Zoo.


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