Sunday, May 15, 2005

A Very Busy Weekend

No one in the house was sick this weekend, so we took advantage of the situation by heading out to the kiddie amusement park in San Leandro. Russell and Punky clearly enjoyed riding on the choo-choo train, taking a spin the the merry-go-round, and viewing the petting zoo. The weather was beautiful, and it felt great to get out of the house. For lunch, we went to KFC.
Russell enjoying a ride on the choo-choo train Posted by Hello
Jenny enjoys the view from the train while Punky awaits the tunnel Posted by Hello

I spent both Saturday and Sunday mornings working on the garden for the first time in a month. Mostly weeding, but I also started growing sunflowers, basil and Chinese cabbage. Below, you can see the large zucchini plants in the foreground, strawberries on the left, tomato plants at the top, and a row of green onions on the right. Some overgrown asparagus plants are in the wooden box on the left. Those black hoses are part of my garden's drip irrigation system.

The victory garden Posted by Hello

Jenny was busy cooking this weekend, first for our friends Allen and Alina (and their three daughters) on Saturday, and then for us on Sunday. Our guests had roast chicken for dinner, which is one of Jenny's favorite dishes. Then she baked us a blue cheese souffle for dinner the next night. A bit too rich for me, but it certainly looked good and smelled great.
Jenny's Blue Cheese Souffle - The "Sui-ffle" Posted by Hello

Life is pretty good these days.


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