Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Russell and Punky Updates

The weather in Alameda has become warm enough to the point where we are ready to begin diaper training for Russell. The weather is important because toilet-training toddlers are usually allowed to walk around the house in their underwear sans diapers. This makes it easier on the parents, who have to place them on the toilet bowl each and every hour. It also gets the child used to walking around without a diaper. Russell, who turns 3 years old next month, has already sat atop the toilet bowl on numerous occasions, but has not done anything of note yet. Jenny and I are hopeful that this process will be relatively quick and painless. I will be especially happy when we succeed because Russell's diaper habit costs me over a dollar a day.

Punky has now reached the point where he can move around the room whenever and whereever he pleases. Having two boys capable of locomotion is especially tiring. When I get home, I have to now keep one eye on Punky at all times. Since he has a low center of gravity when crawling, I have to stoop down low whenever I pick him up. Then if Russell sees me picking up Punky, he gets jealous and motions for me to pick him up too. Both Russell and Punky are big for their age, so the overall affect has been a bad back and sore arms (especially on the weekends).


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