Monday, June 20, 2005

A Father's Day Weekend, Part 2

Yesterday was Father's Day, so I was the king of the house. This meant that I got to stay in bed past 7AM.

Later that morning, we left the house for Skylawn Cemetery, where Jenny's father was buried only 4 months ago. It was a beautiful day, and we noticed that many families were here to say hello to their loved ones on Father's Day. Russell clearly enjoyed running around in the wide-open spaces of the well-manicured lawn. We all bowed three times to Jenny's father as a sign of respect and then laid flowers at both his and Jenny's grandfather's graves. On the way home, we had lunch and a snack in nearby San Mateo, which is pretty close to Jenny's old condo.

Jenny spent most of the afternoon preparing my Father's Day feast of lamb chops, victory garden vegetables and chocolate souffle. I spent most of the afternoon playing with Play-Doh, reading stories and spinning tops. It was exhausting, but dinner was worth the wait.

Father's Day dinner: Lamb chops with vegetables and herbs from the victory garden Posted by Hello

Father's Day dessert: Jenny's chocolate souffle Posted by Hello

Jenny's palmiers (elephant ears) were a hit with the kids Posted by Hello

Punky is very excited to be here for his first Father's Day Posted by Hello

Russell hugs his old man on Father's Day Posted by Hello


At 11:48 AM, Blogger True San Franciscian said...

Wah! Great looking (and tasting, I'm sure) spread! Lamb Chops. Souffle!



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