Sunday, June 12, 2005

Happy Birthday Russell

Russell turned 3 years old this weekend Posted by Hello

We celebrated Russell's third birthday this weekend with a party at Kennedy Park in Hayward. Nearly thirty adults and children were on hand for the event. The Birthday Boy clearly enjoyed his day in the spotlight, in particular the Birthday Express train ride with his pint-sized friends (his fourth in five weeks).

The highlight of the day was the unveiling of the the birthday cake, which featured his bedtime companion and latest obsession, the Baby Einstein rabbit. Prior to the unveiling, Russell was on the verge of falling asleep since the picnic lasted until well past his usual naptime. Seeing the rabbit provided a jolt to his system that kept him up for another hour or so. For several minutes, Russell stared wide-eyed at the cake as he watched one of his furry friends get cut into slices. We wondered if he would take a bite out of his piece containing one set of rabbit's eyes. In the end, he remained loyal to the rabbit and refused to eat the cake, although he is a huge birthday cake fan.

Happy Birthday Russell,

With Love From Mommy, Daddy and Punky

Russell's obsession--the Baby Einstein rabbit--on his birthday cake Posted by Hello

Russell contemplates eating his furry friend Posted by Hello

"Big sister" Bethany rides with Russell on the Birthday Express Posted by Hello

Things turn spooky when the Birthday Express enters a tunnel Posted by Hello

A good time was had by all at Russell's birthday party Posted by Hello

The Punkster will always be there for his big brother, especially on his birthdayPosted by Hello

After opening his presents, Birthday Boy Russell does his best dancing to "Boogie Nights" Posted by Hello


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