Thursday, June 02, 2005

One Damn Good Blogger

I normally don't post the work of other bloggers on my website, but this fellow is so good that I decided to post one entry that had me in stiches. Joshua Stanton is the blogger responsible for OneFreeKorea, a blog dedicated to news about North Korea. Occasionally, he posts about other topics, and in this case, he's writing about Amnesty International's condemnation of the US's War on Terror.

I sometimes have moments when I feel that this site is a stimulating conversation among friends that will never really amount to much. In fact, I'm having one of them now. When the intelligentsia that claims to speak for world opinion can't distinguish between a gas chamber and fart in a crowded elevator, I tend to stare through the screen of my monitor, like Sisyphus looking past the stone, up an insurmountably steep grade of illogic. My latest such moment began when I read this:

"Guantanamo has become the gulag of our time."
--Irene Khan, Secretary General of Amnesty International
Read Onefreekorea whenever you have a spare moment. I've provided a link on the right-hand-side.


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