Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Another Wild Weekend, Part 2

On Monday the 4th, we spent the day in Oakland's Chinatown. Jenny's mom is ever the bargain hunter, so we had dim sum in an el cheapo Chinese restaurant called L&L Chinese Restaurant on the outskirts of Chinatown. The food was pretty good, considering that it was so cheap--only $25 for the 5 of us. Both Russell and Punky enjoyed the radish cake, which was a pleasant surprise, and Russell chomped down on the fried fish balls with gusto. And now we have even more breakfast options for Russell.

Dim sum was followed by Chinese grocery shopping. We followed Jenny's mom around Chinatown during her weekly shopping trip, which included stops at the fish store, the butcher and the bakery. Russell seemed to enjoy tooling around Chinatown while Punky fell asleep in his stroller.

For the remainder of the day, I kept the kids occupied while Jenny did chores around the house. At the moment, Russell favorite toy remains the "Breakfast Play Doh Set". He particularly enjoys making Play Doh fried eggs, waffles, cake and fresh fruit with the molds included in the set. Punky just follows us around all day, making sure that he doesn't miss a thing.

I'm sure glad that the holiday's over. I need a break!


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