Wednesday, June 29, 2005


This week, Russell began classes at the local Child Development Center in our town. So far, so good, according to Russell's new teachers. He cried for about 5 minutes on Monday, and now I hear that he even pushed Jenny away when she tried to say goodbye to him this morning. The teachers say that he is well-behaved and plays with the other school children without hesitation.

Russell's past 11 months at the Starlite Preschool in Oakland and 6 months with his home-based behavioral therapy via Pacific Child & Family Associates were very productive. In particular, his teachers at Starlite have been especially caring and kind towards Russell. I cannot thank Teacher Ching and Teacher Liu enough for taking good care of my son.

I would have to say that virtually every aspect of his behavior has improved since he began school/therapy. The only thing that leaves a bit to be desired is his speaking ability. His spoken vocabulary is only around 50 words, although his verbal comprehension appears to be around 500 plus words.

I'll keep you all up to date on Russell's process on a regular basis.


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