Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Another Wild Weekend

Now that I've grabbed your attention, it's time to remind people that Jenny & I really don't do much any more. This weekend was no exception, although we did go to a wedding and Jenny's mom stayed with us for the first time since she got back from China.

The long 4th of July weekend got off to an early start on Friday afternoon with the marriage Jenny's sister Wendy and her now-husband Tiago. The ceremony was held at the courthouse in San Mateo in front of just the immediate family. It was a laid-back marriage--the real wedding ceremony will be held in Portugal next year. Afterwards, we had an early dinner at the Straits Cafe in Palo Alto and then headed home to watch the Kung Fu movies that Jenny's mom brought over.

Punky admires the Bride-to-Be Wendy Posted by Picasa

Russell checks out the menu at the Straits Cafe before placing his order for the baked halibut with rice noodles Posted by Picasa

On Saturday, we really didn't do much other than visit Kennedy Park once again for a train ride (Jenny's mom had never been there) and then go out to eat at a new Chinese restaurant in Newark called the Q Restaurant. Then on Sunday, with Jenny's mom off to visit friends in Oakland, we stayed at home all day except for a brief shopping trip to Home Depot with Punky. That night, Jenny made her chocolate souffle again. I got to eat two of them because Jenny's mom didn't like the taste at all. She had never tried a souffle in her life until this weekend.

Russell stands guard over his Grandmother while clutching a fried egg made from Play Doh Posted by Picasa

Jenny's latest chocolate souffle, this time using semi-sweet chocolate Posted by Picasa

To be continued...


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