Monday, July 18, 2005

Happy Birthday, Freddy the Fireman

On Saturday, we were invited to Freddy the Fireman's birthday party up at his Marin County retreat. Since Jenny's mom was over for the weekend, we made the decision to leave the kids at home and go to the party childless. It was the first time we have ever left the house together without Russell and Punky, and boy did it feel weird. But it was great to be able to mingle with the birthday crowd without having to worry about changing diapers, or following a little one around the house.

As with all parties hosted by Sharone and Freddy, the food, atmosphere and people were great. I stuffed my face with all the dishes you see below, plus items fresh off the grill and out of the oven. In between bites, I met a interesting group of people, many of them who I had never met before, and many of them SF-based firemen. Freddy's two sons were there, too.

We ended up leaving the party after only a couple of hours. Jenny couldn't resist calling home and asking her mother how the kids were doing. While Russell didn't care that we were gone, it turns out that Punky was crawling around the house looking for us. Jenny's mom said he had the pouting lower lip look during that time. And so we went home.

Freddy the Fireman and sons Dom (left) and Fred, Jr. Posted by Picasa

Just a small sample of Freddy's Birthday feast Posted by Picasa


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