Saturday, July 09, 2005

Happy Birthday Frank, Hi Nancy

On Friday night we were invited to my friend Frank's 41st birthday party. Frank and his wife Diana recently moved to their new house way up in the Oakland hills. Nearly all of the attendees were connected to his law school days at Berkeley. Since I was also at Berkeley at the same time--but studying engineering at the graduate school--I also got to know many of Frank's inner circle. They are a diverse and interesting bunch of people.

There nearly as many young children as adults at the party, which made for a lively atmosphere. Russell and Punky got along well with the other kids and (surprisingly) the two dogs at the party. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my camera to the party. Next time, I won't forget.

Earlier today, Jenny's cousin Nancy and her two boys dropped by for lunch. Both Jenny and Nancy are stay-at-home moms and are bored to death with their current lifestyle. I'm guessing that both Jenny and Nancy will be going back to work in another year or two. We need the extra money more than Nancy does, but she's stayed at home much longer than Jenny has.


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