Monday, July 18, 2005

Signs of Life on Mt. Olympus

I recently sent the following note to the New York Times Editorial Board:


Some day, it would be nice to see an Asian face on your Editorial Board and among your regular Op-Ed contributors. Perhaps someone whose family fled China, Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia or Laos. Or maybe even an Indian-American. Whatever the nationality, it is plainly obvious that Asian-Americans have achieved much in business and in public life, yet they cannot seem to break into the media (except for the parade of pleasant-looking Asian females on television news).

It is about time that you practice what you preach.

James Chen
Alameda, CA

To my utter amazement this morning, I received this response from Editorial Page Editor Gail Collins:

Dear Mr. Chen,

We have incredible Asian-American journalists at the Times, working both as reporters and editors.

While it's true we don't have any Asian-Americans on the board currently, our former Op-Ed editor, Terry Tang, was Chinese-American. She also served on the editorial board and is now an editor on the business desk, specializing in technology. We also have many contributors to the op-ed page whose roots are in Asia.

Best wishes,
Gail Collins

The current Editorial Board has 14 members, of which--to my untrained eyes--12 are white (6 women) and 2 are black (1 woman). Collins names one token Asian no longer on the board--Terry Tang--and throws out the bone of allowing other Asians to contribute to the Op-Ed page as guests.

In other words, not in your lifetime, bud.



At 11:56 PM, Blogger True San Franciscian said...

Just the liberal media elite (tolerance and diversity) doing what they do. Not surprised, are you?

And have you noticed that API tokens are always women?

Don't forget when the liberal media hires an API female, it fills quotas in TWO categories. Apparently API males are unable to write with authority or deliver lines from a teleprompter.

But that borders on race and sex politics and a further division within the API community so I'll stop there...

At 3:28 AM, Anonymous Ralph said...

The media are slow to change despite their task of covering changes, as quickly as possible, around the world. Meanwhile, Asian immigrant parents typically push their kids toward money-making scientific professions rather than journalism....

At 1:16 PM, Blogger Da Man said...

Actually, white liberals push a "balanced" quota of Asian-American kids into fields they deem acceptable. That's one reason you will never see a male API anchoring a television news program.


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