Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Edge of Wetness

I'm happy to report that Russell has mastered the art of going to the bathroom. Technically speaking, he no longer needs diapers. So ends a process that began over 4 months ago. Since then, we have been taking Russell to the bathroom every hour or so, and rewarding him with food (what else?) whenever he successfully asks to go to the bathroom.

He's been pretty consistant for two weeks now, and he's only had a minor accident or two. He hasn't even peed in his nighttime diaper for over a week. The best thing about this is that we save over a dollar a day in diaper/pull-up costs for Russell. Plus, he feels a real sense of accomplishment every time we praise him for going to the bathroom like an adult.

For the record, Russell is 3 years and 8 months old. Please join me in congratulating Russell for this achievement. Thank you.


At 4:26 PM, Blogger Felice Luftschein said...

Huzzah for you all!
Our oldest at 3 years and 3 months is just starting to get a handle on it (which often involves getting a handle on "it", if you know what I mean) I look forward to having the black hole of diaper expense diminish...the only thing less rewarding to purchase is tires.

Oh, since you're the only "dad"-blogger I read, you might enjoy this site for some tips:


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