Sunday, February 05, 2006

Picture of the Day

On Saturday, we visited Jenny's mother and sister's house in San Jose. The kids like hanging out somewhere different and seeing their Grandmother especially. For the New Year, we dressed the Fabulous Brewster Boys in the Chinese outfits that you see in the pictures below. They fit perfectly. Punky is wearing his brother's old suit from 2 years ago, while Russell just received his from Jenny's mom.

Jenny's sister just had her second child and she and her husband are quickly learning what a handful two boys can be. I managed to take a quick 10 minute nap on the sofa as the kids ran around the room and played with their cousin and his friend (see pictures below). In addition to getting $15 back from returning empty soda bottles and cans, the nap was the highlight of my weekend.

Later on Sunday, Jenny cancelled plans to attend our friend Sharone's birthday party in San Francisco. Just as she was about to leave the house, Russell pulled down the curtain in the dining room, and the curtain rod came down on his shoulder. As a result, he had a major meltdown and Jenny stayed home to comfort him.

In short, we did little this weekend except for the usual taking care of the kids. I am currently planning for our next attempt at a weekend vacation--a trip to Disneyland sometime in April. It's something for me to obsess about as I go through the routine, day after day after day...

Russell gets chummy, while Punky pulls off his sock Posted by Picasa


At 2:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Check this out...

At 9:29 AM, Blogger Da Man said...


Yes, I read this story too, and I have to admit that the possibility of depression went through my mind. I'm actually in pretty good spirits, though, at work and at home. I think it's mostly the lack of sleep.

At 1:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad to hear it...You've taken on the toughest job in the world. Parent. One for which there is no clear cut model, training or, in many cases, thanks.


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