Saturday, January 14, 2006

Another Rainy Day in Alameda

It's been raining quite a bit in Alameda these days. Most of the time on rainy weekends, we're trapped at home but today we managed to stop by at Love Logic Children's Play Center for some quality play time. Punky's a member of Love Logic, and goes a couple times a week with Jenny during the day. Punky's one of the younger members, so he gets shoved around a bit by the other children. Russell drops by every now and then, especially during special events like Xmas and Halloween.

As Russell reads "Mimi's Toes" for the umpteenth time, Punky's attention is elsewhere Posted by Picasa

Russell points to his favorite toy at Love-Logic Children's Play Center Posted by Picasa

Punky ponders the question: Which came first, the roast chicken or the hard-boiled egg? Posted by Picasa

Russell begins his training as a pizza chef Posted by Picasa

Punky draws another masterpiece: "Punky's Mother" Posted by Picasa

Russell doesn't seem at all embarassed by the crown placed on his head by Mommy Posted by Picasa

Punky enters the Red Zone Posted by Picasa

Russell gives Punky a head massage during a viewing of Baby Da Vinci Posted by Picasa


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