Sunday, January 08, 2006

Dinner Tonight at Chez Sui-Chen

I had promised some of my readers that I would post pictures of my wife Jenny's Chicken Cacciatore and wonderful Chinese-style Pork Meatballs (also known in Chinese cooking circles as "Lion's Head"). Unfortunately, I dropped my digital camera one too many times and now a few days of dinner have been lost. There are now only a few chicken pieces and one meatball left over in the fridge. Certainly not worth posting.

To make up for this outage, will post photos of tonight's dinner, Turkey Sausage and Chorizo Pie, and Chicken with Broccoli. Thank you for your patience.

Jenny's Turkey and Chorizo Pie, which we had for dinner tonight along with cole slaw (not shown) Posted by Picasa

This chicken and broccoli dish (with rice) is a typical dinner for Russell and Punky, who prefer eating Chinese food Posted by Picasa


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