Thursday, July 27, 2006

New Jersey Trip Report, Part 2

We spent the last few days of our visit with my parents in New Jersey and a side trip to Connecticut to my sister Katy's house. Along with my parents and my niece Megan and nephew Max, we ate out at a Japanese buffet where Russell had the biggest meltdown of the trip. I think it might have been the result of his waking up in an alien place (the restaurant) without any explanation. I also think he might have been a bit homesick.

On our day trip to Connecticut, the Brewster Boys checked out their Cousin Emily's new house along with their furry friends, Penny the Guinea Pig and Petey the Rabbit. They definitely enjoyed the visit and the wide open spaces of my sister's new custom-built home.

We flew back to California on Saturday, in order to give us all the opportunity to rest a day before resuming work or school on Monday. That night, Russell and Punky celebrated our arrival home by eating their dinners without complaint and riding their bicycles in circles in the enclosed part of the driveway. All in all, it was a good visit with my family back east, but we are all glad to be back home.

Punky: "Are we home yet?" Posted by Picasa

Russell gently touches Petey the Rabbit on Cousin Megan's lap Posted by Picasa

Punky pulls a toy wagon Posted by Picasa

Russell and Aunt Katy with Petey the Rabbit Posted by Picasa

Russell admires the Earth Posted by Picasa

Russell and Punky reaching for Petey the Rabbit Posted by Picasa

Punky and Cousin Megan inspect the guinea pig cage Posted by Picasa


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