Tuesday, April 03, 2007

A Day at the Oakland Zoo, 2007 Edition

Throughout the week, the boys pestered us to take them to the zoo. So on Saturday, we relented and spent the afternoon at the Oakland Zoo. It's not a particularly good zoo, but it is close by and a visit requires little planning or preparation. In addition to seeing the animals, we visited the small amusement park next to the zoo for a train ride and the minicar ride.

Jenny and the boys at the entrance to the Oakland Zoo

Russell spies some lions in the distance

Punky points out the elephants

Punky gazes at the elephant enclosure

Russell is happy to be on the train ride

Punky throttles Russell for the aisle seat

Going through the tunnel
Russell and Punky - "Get us off this ride!"

At home again, Punky asks, "When are we going back to the zoo?"


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