Friday, June 15, 2007

The (Preschool) Graduate

Today was Russell's last day of preschool. To celebrate, his school held a graduation ceremony for the 10-12 students in his class. The kids in his class are a mix of autistic children and regular preschool students. From my interactions with school personnel, I learned that Russell's teachers and aides are a very committed group of individuals. Several of them said they would miss seeing him.

Later this month, Russell will begin summer school at a private preschool. It will be our first attempt at "mainstreaming" Russell with non-autistic kids. Of course, this also means more budget tightening at home. And more aluminum cans for recycling in our garage.

Russell and his friends Donny and Rachel

Russell steps up to the graduation podium

With teacher Christina and aide Raina

This aide said she would miss Russell (and vice versa)

Taking a sip of a cold drink on a hot graduation day


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