Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Tax Day, 2007 Edition

I finally finished our income tax filing this past Sunday. In the 20-plus years since I began filing tax returns, I've noticed the tax code getting more and more complex to the point where I could hardly understand the instructions. So I finally broke down last year and purchased Intuit's TurboTax. It was a fairly painless process although a single typo (a couple of transposed digits) took me a couple of nights to find.

One difference between this year and last is that I filed electronically for the first time on Sunday at 1AM. I'm glad that I filed a couple of days early, because apparently the e-filing servers at Intuit were so overload on Monday and Tuesday that many people could not file their 2006 tax returns on time.

From CNET News:

Intuit confirmed on Tuesday evening that a deluge of last-minute filing had overloaded the electronic filing system used in its popular TurboTax software.

"Intuit is working with the IRS and has notified them that throughput on our electronic filing system was not what we expected, resulting in a system slowdown," the company said in a note on its Web site. "We encourage customers to continue trying to e-file as we continue to work on the issue."

The note claimed that TurboTax customers should "rest assured that their returns will be accepted as timely filed."
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