Wednesday, July 30, 2008

You Only Live Thrice

We interrupt my vacation trip report for an important announcement. As you may be aware, my father recently had a check-up with his cancer physician and a follow-up PET scan showed that new "hot spots" had appeared within his lung and lynph nodes.

Yesterday, my father paid a scheduled visit to the hospital to undergo a biopsy on the suspected tumors. The process he underwent is called a CAT-scan guided needle biopsy, where the radiologist takes a sample of the suspected cancers as my father lies in the CAT scan machine. The CAT scan device would provide the radiologist with a live view of the procedure as he inserts the needle into my father's chest.

During the CAT scan and prior to the insertion of the biopsy needle, the radiologist got up from his chair and consulted with my father's cancer physician who was in the back of the room. My father lay waiting in the machine for 30 minutes, and he was quite nervous as awaited his fate. When the radiologist returned, he informed my father that the suspected cancer nodules had completely disappeared and that he remained--as far as he knew--cancer-free.

Thanks to all of you who prayed for my father and supported him during this difficult period. And of course, thanks to God for providing another miracle for my family.


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