Saturday, August 02, 2008

New Jersey Trip Report, Part 2

The second half of our New Jersey vacation was the much-anticipated trip to Long Beach Island on the Jersey Shore. It was the third summer that we've spent at the beach house rental, all with my sister Cindy and her family. This year, my parents came along after much prodding from yours truly. With each passing year, the Brewster Boys have come to love the ocean and their East Coast cousins. It's easy to understand why. The weather is always perfect, the ocean is cool & refreshing and no one has a worry in the world.

At the beach, Russell has become more daring with wading into the ocean alone. Punky still does not like the ocean and prefers to build sand castles and moats. This meant that I spent most of the beach days with Russell, Jimmy and Timmy in the ocean while Punky and cousin Dana hung out with the moms at base camp, digging in the sand.

This year, the Brewster Boys discovered Pokemon and video games, thanks to their cousins Jimmy and Timmy. I was surprised how quickly they took to playing Pokemon Stadium on the "old" Nintendo 64 in the rental house. At times, I could not tear them away from the game consoles.

We've been fortunate these past 3 years that my sister Cindy has been able to reserve the beach house and make the logistical preparations for this trip. But lately, she's grown tired of the massive effort needed to bring her family down, so she's mulling a simpler vacation spot for next year. When I mentioned to cousin Jimmy and Timmy that this might be our last vacation at Long Beach Island, they protested loudly. This was seconded by the Brewster Boys, who love hanging out with their extended family at the Jersey Shore more than anything else in the world.

Punky looks intense during a Pokemon battle on the Nintendo 64 as cousins Timmy and Jimmy look on

Russell relaxes in the sand during a break from the ocean

This year, Russell was not afraid of venturing on his own into the ocean

Punky prefers staying dry and would rather run along the beach

My father in front of the beach house

Five cousins atop a lifeguard chair at Long Beach Island


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