Tuesday, March 19, 2002

Marathon Man - My dentist appointment yesterday was a nightmare. Despite 4 shots of anesthetic, my root canal was not the painless procedure that the Endodontist had promised. I felt excurciating pain like I have never experienced before. "We're almost there", he shouted as he drilled into the pulp of my tooth for what seemed to be an eternity. I kept having flashbacks to the scene from Marathon Man, with that Nazi dentist torturing Dustin Hoffman. Oh well, at least it's over. I can't eat solid food for another two weeks, when I get a cap for the tooth. I hope to lose 10 pounds before then. Lately, I've been eating nothing but soup, oatmeal and rice porridge.

Baby Watch - As of tomorrow, Jenny will be 28 weeks pregnant. Babies in the womb are amazing. They react to touch, sound and gravity. At night, I put my hands on Jenny's tummy and I can feel the baby bouncing around like a rubber ball. I poke her stomach and he pokes back. We know that the baby is a boy now, by the way. I'm always wondering if he looks more like me or Jenny. I'm already planning his future. What school will he attend? What sports and musical instruments should he play? We're both very excited. I don't give a crap about work these days, even though I am miserable.


At 8:49 AM, Anonymous Sean Butcher said...

"No pain, no gain." That's the principle most dental patients follow. Well, it's actually true! Instead of feeling the pain all throughout your life, it's better to feel it at once or even momentarily for a permanent relief. Good thing you realized t'was all over in the end. :D


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