Tuesday, May 14, 2002

I Did Not Do the Lotus Position with That Woman - It must be a slow news day when the San Francisco Chronicle makes a front-page story out of a sex scandal involving a yoga instructor and his students. A yoga teacher from Oakland and several students have accused local yoga guru Rodney Yee of having sex with his students, apparently in violation of the "California Yoga Instructor Code of Ethics".

I never thought ethics would ever be an issue out here in California. After all, voters in this state overwhelming supported the ethically-challenged Governor Gray Davis (D) and Vice-President Al Gore (D) in the 2000 elections. I also find it interesting that the local area liberals seem to be holding yoga teachers to a higher ethical standard than say, the 42nd President of the United States, William J. Clinton (D). Of course, if Yogi Yee were in a position to advance the leftist agenda through policy decisions, then his actions would have merited little or no notice. But that would be stretching the truth, right?


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