Wednesday, May 29, 2002

Why Do They Hate Us? - Despite all their ranting about diversity and the evils of racism, white liberals seem to have trouble living up to the ideals they preach. Data from the 2000 Census has revealed that the most segregated neighborhoods in Alameda County (CA) are located in none other than that bastion of liberalism, Berkeley. With a population that is only 14 percent minority, the Elmwood and Claremont sections of Berkeley are the whitest neighborhoods in the entire region, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

It's true though, everyone concedes, when they stop to think about it: The neighbors are largely white. All too often, when they spot people of color on their tree-lined streets, it's because they are working in gardens or caring for young children.

“Just because it's white and wealthy here, doesn't mean it's reactionary," said Roger Wicker, owner of a local book shop. It's still Berkeley -- hence, the sprinkling of peace signs and left-leaning politics. All the same, Republicans are few and far between. "I don't think I know any."

Since the point is usually not obvious to liberals, let me make it clear: White liberals hate true diversity. The liberals' actions shout from the rooftops what their lying words deny. In the San Francisco Bay Area where rich, white liberals abound, you will find that they do not live in racially-mixed neighborhoods. They will not send their children to minority-dominated public schools. And they refuse to allow people with opposing points of view (re: conservative) to have a voice in local media, politics and education. Until the liberal hypocrites acknowledge their practice of what they condemn so many people for doing–having the freedom to choose what’s best for themselves and their families – they will continue to divide and inflame our society instead bringing people together.


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