Sunday, June 23, 2002

Your Coffee's Papers, Please- What is it about coffee that turns Berkeley liberals into the Coffee Gestapo? Back in April, I first reported on the Marxist Berkeley City Council's discussions on banning the reuse of paper coffee cup sleeves at its many coffee houses. Now, Berkeley residents will be voting in November on a ballot initiative to ban the sale of coffee that isn’t certified "fair-trade, organic, or shade-grown".

Although the proposed ordinance would apply only to single-servings of coffee sold at coffee houses, don’t be surprised if Berkeley’s communist-Stalinist-liberal government eventually bans the consumption of politically-incorrect coffee in the privacy of the home. Wouldn’t it be ironic if Berkeley residents of the future come to fear a midnight knock on the door from the coffee police?

SF Coffee Cops at Work - Taking its cue from Berkeley, the San Francisco Police Department remains busy enforcing its own laws governing the sale and consumption of coffee. This past weekend, SF cops closed down several bars that were open late for viewing of the World Cup tournament. Their crime? Serving coffee past 2 AM without a "cabaret" permit.


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