Monday, June 17, 2002

Father Knows Best - On my first official Father's Day as a father (scary, huh?), my son Russell "Reagan" Chen gave me the greatest gift of all: his first bowel movement. Jenny and I had been eagerly awaiting this moment since we left the hospital last week on Thursday. As an extra added bonus, a stream of urine shot up into the air from Russell's little wee-wee as Jenny was changing the diaper containing his first poop. That diaper then became the first object that we inserted into the notorious Diaper Genie, a dubious household device that turns dirty diapers into something resembling sausage links in order to hide their smell. But when Jenny opened the top of the device to insert another used diaper, I could clearly discern the odor of the previous occupant. I wonder why we have this device when we could just use a garbage can with a lid or empty the garbage can on a daily basis. Can any fathers out there explain this to me?


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