Tuesday, June 04, 2002

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble - At her weekly check-up, Jenny's obstetrician told her that the baby is now full-term and could come out at any minute. The baby weighs 3.8 kg and is 54 cm long (that’s 8 ½ lbs and 22” long), and he’s in the 85% percentile in terms of size for newborns. The baby’s hugeness is due in part to the gestational diabetes that Jenny developed during her pregnancy. With the high sugar levels in Jenny’s blood, the baby received an extra dose of calories while in the womb and has grown to above average size.

As a result of the baby’s size, the doctor would like the baby to come out before his official June 15th due date. If Jenny hasn’t given birth by Sunday, then we will go to the hospital on Monday, June 10, and her obstetrician will induce labor that morning. At this moment, Jenny and I are ready to be parents for the first time. The only thing we haven’t decided is a name for the baby


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