Sunday, July 28, 2002

Bloggers Flog the New York Times - I’m pleased to see that the mighty New York Times is getting spanked by "bloggers" like Andrew Sullivan and others fighting liberal bias in the media. US News & World Report’s John Leo editorializes on the political aspects of "blogging", which to date has served primarily as a check on the liberal press corps. It's really disturbing to find news containing blatant ideology masquerading as reporting and an evident editorial bias rather than the healthy skepticism that the fourth estate should exhibit. Thank God the Internet gives the truth a fighting chance.

One of my favorite NYT front-page observations on the Afghan war was during the prisoner uprising at the old walled prison outside of Mazar-e Sharif. On the second day, the NYT's reporter wrote that the prisoners had gained the "upper hand" in the fighting. Let's see...a few hundred prisoners, mostly unarmed, trapped within the prison's walls, surrounded by thousands of well-armed Northern Alliance members and hundreds of American Special Forces soldiers, being pounded by artillery and helpless under the most sophisticated Air Force the world has ever seen... actually winning the battle? Only in the New York Times. A few weeks earlier, NYT reporter R.W. Apple rhapsodized on now-discredited Afghanistan-as-Vietnam theme by invoking the dreaded "quagmire" scenario. Within a week of the article's publication on the front page of the Times, Taliban forces collapsed north of Kabul, paving the way to victory for the American-supported Northern Alliance by the end of the month.

Shouldn't the Times' motto be "All the News that Fits Our Liberal Views"?


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