Friday, July 19, 2002

The Diaper Chronicles (a.k.a. The Edge of Wetness) - Thanks to timely advice from my sister Katy, a miracle has occurred in our home. Specifically, Russell’s diaper rash has nearly disappeared since we began using a product called Weleda Calendula Baby Cream. We began applying this miracle ointment to Russell’s behind on Tuesday afternoon, and as of this moment the rash has shrunken to size of a peppercorn and no longer bothers him, even when we wipe his butt during diaper changes. I am going to scream "Weleda Calendula Baby Cream" to any new mother with whom I come into contact.

On the other hand, Russell’s eating and sleeping habits seem to change every week. He’s consuming ever greater amounts of mother’s milk and sometimes needs to be fed every hour. This has put a strain on Jenny and me, especially at night when he refuses to sleep until he is completely satiated. Last night, this meant feeding and changing his diaper non-stop from 10PM to 2AM. I handled the 11PM to 2AM shift, during which time I changed his diaper three times and fed him nearly 350 ml (12 oz.) of milk and formula (I ran out of Jenny’s pumped mother’s milk at 1AM and had to substitute formula).

As a result of his hearty appetite, Russell no longer fits into the clothes that he first wore when he left the hospital. He is now five weeks old and you can see new pictures of him here.


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