Wednesday, July 17, 2002

I Was Born a Poor, Black Child - Once again, the liberals running the University of California are attempting to create their vision of a socialist utopia through the admissions process. The Wall Street Journal (thank God for them) reports that the UC Admissions Office has instituted a new policy of favoring applicants that have "overcome life challenges". The Admissions Office is now giving students from poor families and that attend low-ranked high schools the equivalent of a 300 to 500 point boost in their SAT scores.

As reported by the Journal, the net affect of this admissions policy has been a dramatic increase in the percentage of black and Hispanic students admitted since 1996, primarily at the expense of Asian-American and non-Hispanic white students. Former UCLA admissions director Rae Lee Siporin says the new system also was intended to make the student body as reflective as possible of the state's population. By this criteria, Asian students are vastly over-represented in the UC system (Asians are 11% of the population but almost 40% of the undergraduates at UC) and therefore must endure the brunt of this racial gerrymandering.

Legal challenges not withstanding, the University of California system is getting closer to becoming a Marxist version of a fantasy camp, where the children of the rich and unwanted racial classes are not welcome, and the offspring of proletarian workers and party members can sit around campfires singing "Kumbaya" and "We Are the World". Unless these liberal clowns are removed from their offices and classrooms, my children and my money will most certainly not be going to the University of California.

Full Disclosure: I am a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley (M.S., Industrial Engineering, 1990).


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