Sunday, July 07, 2002

Everybody Loves Russell - Since Russell came home three weeks ago, we have been receiving a steady stream of visitors to our house nearly every day. I’ve noticed that Russell is usually on his best behavior whenever guests are over, but as soon as they leave, he starts screaming like a Florida Democrat demanding a re-re-re-recount. His crankiness might have something to do with the diaper rash that has affected his little baby butt. When I put the Desitin on the rash, he often shoots a stream of urine in the air. If he poops and I have to change his diaper, I’ll try along with Jenny to hold him over the sink as we clean his butt-that way he can pee to his heart’s content and not get anything wet. This strategy doesn’t always work, since Russell sometimes holds in his pee until we get back to the changing table.

Last week, Jenny’s numerous Aunts and Uncles came by for a lunch get-together which featured cake and a pungent soup made from pigs’ feet, eggs, ginger and vinegar. In Cantonese cuisine, soup plays a prominent role at the dinner table, particularly for new mothers who have to drink bowl after bowl of concoctions that supposedly stimulate milk production and revitalizes a mother’s blood supply. I’m glad I don’t have to drink that stuff.

On the Fourth of July, we had an all-American barbecue for Jenny’s immediate family, including her two younger sisters. I fired up the gas grill for the first time this year for a carnivore’s delight of hamburgers, hot dogs and chicken. Jenny’s parents and sisters adore little Russell. He’s their first grandchild or nephew for all of them, so to the earliest-born go the spoils.

Jenny’s mom especially loves Russell. After work and on weekends, she is always pampering him with soothing baths and affection. When Jenny’s older sister Sharon gives birth to her child in October, Grandma Sui will have to divide her attentions between two grandsons. However, I think that Russell—being her first grandchild—will always remain her favorite. It’s these days that I’m glad that my In-Laws live only six blocks away from us.

In the meantime, you can view the latest pictures of Russell here. He’s three and a half weeks old.


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