Wednesday, June 26, 2002

News Flash: Pope is Catholic, Lives in Vatican - The latest headline in today's San Francisco Chronicle reads, "Gay Male Couples Prefer Cities, Study Finds, But Lesbian Pairs Favor Smaller Towns". Besides stating the obvious about gay men, researchers try to explain why lesbian couples prefer smaller communities--in particular, college towns--but they're off the mark in their reasoning.

" For one thing, gay men earn more than gay women, so they can afford to live in cities," said researcher Gary Gates of the Urban Institute of the University of Maryland. "Another issue is that female couples have a somewhat greater likelihood to have children and so might be more attracted to less urban environments, less expensive environments like college towns," he said.

The real reason why lesbians live in college towns is because many liberal arts colleges are bulking up their curriculum (re:dumbing down) on idiosyncratic subjects such as women's studies, feminism and gay & lesbian culture. Someone therefore has to teach this crap to our children, so colleges have been recruiting lesbians and feminists as faculty members to promote their liberal agenda in the classroom.

Here are some examples of courses given at Yale University for which students can receive college credit: "Gender and the Politics of Resistance: Feminism, Capitalism and the Third World." "Gender and Technology." "Feminist Perspectives on Literature." "Lesbian and Gay Theater Performance." "The Literature of AIDS." "Contemporary Lesbian and Gay Arts and Culture." "Constructing Lesbian Identities."

Now isn't it obvious?


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