Tuesday, August 27, 2002

hating ‘anti-hate’ campaigns - why do san francisco politicians, representing the most liberal electorate in this country, find it necessary to preach racial and ethnic tolerance to their constituents? after all, isn’t this the city that regards urinating and defecating in public as a form of expression? didn’t san francisco voters recently agree to grant health insurance coverage for city workers undergoing sex change operations?

every time i turn my head while walking in san francisco, i see a new poster or billboard imploring me not to hate muslims, arab-americans and people of color. and you just know that these liberal politicians are incredibly disappointed that we ‘racist’ americans—the roughly one hundred or so conservatives still living or working in san francisco—haven’t yet assaulted any arabs and muslims since the september 11th terrorist attacks. these sanctimonious fools live for the moments that they get to denounce other americans for their ‘hate’ and lack of righteousness. to me, it seems these 'stop the hate' rants are always aimed in the wrong direction.

thankfully, i don’t know any americans who hate muslims and arab-americans, not even among my jewish friends. i do hate the people responsible for september 11th, and i would hate them no matter their race, creed or national origin. tell me, does that qualify as a 'hate crime'?


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