Tuesday, August 20, 2002

Return of the Iraqi Baby Milk Factory – Remember the famous Iraqi Baby Milk Factory attacked by American warplanes during the Gulf War of 1991? Yeah, the one with all of the freshly painted signs and the factory workers’ lab coats emblazoned—in English—with the words “Iraqi Baby Milk Factory”. CNN and reporter Peter Arnett were the only ones fooled at the time.

Well, apparently Reuters doesn’t remember that incident and fell hook, line and sinker for another Iraqi deception. There sure is a whole lot of baby milkin’ goin’ on in Baghdad, isn’t there? Has anyone ever wondered why whenever the Iraqis show off a suspected chemical or biological weapons site, it is always a baby milk factory? Did you also notice that the Reuters reporter, Huda Majeed Saleh, has the same last name as the Iraqi Trade Minister (Mohammed Mehdi Saleh) showing off the latest baby milk factory?

Iraq Shows Baby Milk Store at Reported Weapons Site
Tue Aug 20, 6:08 AM ET
By Huda Majeed Saleh

TAJI, Iraq (Reuters) - Iraq showed reporters a warehouse stuffed with baby milk and sugar on Tuesday to repudiate a U.S. newspaper report that the building was being used to produce biological weapons.

Iraqi Trade Minister Mohammed Mehdi Saleh met international media at a warehouse in the Taji area northwest of Baghdad, which U.S. intelligence officials quoted in the Washington Times newspaper last week said was a biological weapons facility. But instead of weapons and sophisticated labs, reporters on Tuesday found baby milk and sugar which had been bought under Iraq's oil-for-food deal with the United Nations.

Seriously, it’s good to see that Saddam hasn’t lost his famous sense of humor. The scary part is that a Western press agency like Reuters would report this as fact.


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